In the year 2011 in Lviv (Ukraine, Eastern Europe), 5 coworkers realized it was high time to combine their forces and start building global services that would make them stand out from the crowd in the digital world. They aimed to create interesting, profitable, and successful web projects that would not only possess a high-quality representation but would also look impressive and fascinating. They knew it was their primary responsibility to make the web more innovative and user-friendly.

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What does Crescentics mean?

That is one of the most common questions we are often asked. When you have no other words to express your excitement or astonishment, feel free to use this unique Ukrainian word. Crescentics can be interpreted as super ultra mega awesome. Remember that and use it!

Learn how proper design process can help you translate ideas into business reality, quickly get developers onboard, and grow your product further whenever it’s time.


We dive into your business to understand its all sides. With thorough analysis in mind we identify opportunities for your growth and success.


The heart of a good web product is its design. We never ignore the importance of usability.


Continuous delivery is the next step. We improve your business until you are 100% satisfied.

Crescentic Team Explores Rajasthan's Wonders

At Crescentic Technologies, we believe in more than just lines of code — we believe in creating a vibrant community where inspiration thrives. Recently, our team embarked on an exciting journey to the enchanting land of Rajasthan, fostering team spirit, creativity, and unforgettable memories. As we explored the historic marvels of Kumbhalgarh and the wilderness of Jawai, our adventure took an exhilarating turn with unexpected encounters with majestic leopards. This expedition not only strengthened our team bonds but also fueled our passion for innovation.

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Having worked with Crescentic on multiple projects of all types from complete implementation to proof of concept, they impressed us with their engineering acumen. Surely the problem-solving zeal and dedication to derive answers for customers make us trust them with different problems. There was good transparency and trust among all stakeholders of the task at hand even when multiple groups were involved in a project. Great team and grasp over their subject is a confidence booster.

The team at Crescentic Technologies is full of excellent, skilled, personable, responsive, results-oriented developers. Always available, extremely knowledgeable, and a tremendous "can-do" attitude. Taher and his team provide great support for my company"s needs. They have been key for building out increasing functionality and executing the entire technical strategy with understanding all of my directives. Customers can expect a prepared and hardworking team that meets deadlines. Highly recommended.

Working with Crescentic Technologies has been an incredibly smooth experience. The team is filled with passionate and tenacious engineers, who value impeccable quality, above all. They set hard deadlines, and stick to them. Having worked with Taher and his team on a project involving problems on multiple fronts, it has become evident how consumer-driven and solution-oriented their approach is. We really appreciate the energy and enthusiasm that runs across the entire team; would definitely recommend collaborating with them!

We've been working with Crescentic for more than a year now, and I'm genuinely impressed with their team. Their promptness in addressing our needs is exceptional, everyone works diligently resulting in minimal downtime and disruptions. Their team's capability to handle complex projects is commendable, consistently delivering high-quality results. Taher's availability and reliability have been a cornerstone of our partnership, and his team's adaptability in evolving tech landscapes ensures we stay ahead of the curve.